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The federal government needs drug price solutions. We’ve got their back.

Earlier this month, HHS was working on an aggressive deadline. President Joe Biden had given them 45 days to develop a comprehensive plan to lower drug prices, and the clock was ticking. HHS asked stakeholders across the spectrum to provide input during a special roundtable discussion. Guess who they called from pharmacy?


Break up PBM oligopolies, APhA tells FTC

WASHINGTON, DC— Vertically merged pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) use their highly concentrated market power to dominate, deceive, and maybe even defraud, American Pharmacists Association (APhA) CEO and Executive Vice President Scott Knoer told Federal Trade Commission (FTC) leaders at a roundtable today.


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Federal government makes two announcements with major pharmacy implications in 24 hours

September 9, 2021, was a busy day for the federal government and pharmacy stakeholders alike: Just a few hours apart, we saw significant developments in pharmacists’ COVID-19 pandemic practice authorities and prescription drug pricing. Both items yielded positive news for pharmacists and their patients.

Pharmacists as providers: The last frontier in Alaska

In a recent conversation with a patient’s wife, Justin Ruffridge, PharmD, learned a lot more about the patient’s condition than he expected.