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January 11, 2019

Test strips

(CoaguChek test strips—Terrific Care/Medex Supply Dist.)
Nationwide recall of Roche CoaguChek test strips

On December 19, 2018, Terrific Care/Medex Supply Dist. initiated a nationwide recall of Roche CoaguChek test strips distributed directly to U.S. consumers because the products have been found to inaccurately report high INR test results. This recall only includes CoaguChek test strips whose catalog/REF numbers do not end in 160.

Patients taking warfarin who receive inaccurate INR results above their target therapeutic range may be at risk for inappropriate therapeutic measures, such as a warfarin dose reduction, interruption of warfarin use, or administration of vitamin K.

This recall is related to the recent Roche Diagnostics Recall, the manufacturer of CoaguChek meters and test strips. The CoaguChek test strips distributed by Terrific Care/Medex Supply Dist include Catalog/REF numbers that were not included in the recent Roche recall because these items were not distributed by Roche Diagnostics in the United States.